Undocumented APIs

Is there anyone have documents about some APIs starting with “adlint” e.g. adlint_strpreParser ( ), adlint_strGetParameters ( ) …

Some of them maybe useful to me. Hope someone can give a help. Thanks

Have you asked your Distributor or FAE :question:

Where have you seen these APIs mentioned?

Of course asked both but not replying

When you compile a program in the output folder you will have a file called “m” generated, which contains addresses of all functions inside.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the last thing that most posters think of! :unamused:

Oh dear. :frowning:

Yes - that’s the “map” file.

I think these are purely internal to Open-AT?

I guess there might be a clue in the name: adlint - where the “int” indicates “internal”…?

Yes. I think those are internal functions. Just think some of them maybe useful to developers.
What I am interested are functions related to “command parsing”, thinking some can off-load our works…

Have you looked at: wm_strGetParameterString(), etc… :question:

I know that function but I need some other indeed.

Actually luckily I have found from somewhere some documentations like :

    [b]wm_lst_t adlint_strGetParameters ( ascii * string );[/b]

For some reason cannot disclose more here…Need more time to test if they are really useful or not…


I think they were documented in the so-called “Basic Development Guide” - way back when Open-AT had the option of using the “Basic” API or the “ADL” API.