How can I find all APIs of wavecom used?

Hi all,

I am new in wavecom wireless GSM module.
How can I find all APIs that wavecom used/provided?
Such as function “wm_lstGetItem”, I saw this function in the example of adl, however I didnt see it in any document.

Everything with an “adl_” prefix is documented in the ADL User Guide.

Depending on which version you have, things with the “wm_” prefix may also be in the ADL User Guide, or may be documented separately in the Basic Development Guide.

I suggest that you spend some time browsing the documents to gain familiarity with what is found where…

It confused me much. No complete document for API? ~"~
Docuemntation are located here and there and everywhere? >"<

Finally, I knew Siemens did better in document.
Thanks, It helps me to write survey report.