List of function?

Another newbie question. What is the function to convert u16 to string?
eg the correct solution for this
adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS,s);

And more importantly is there a concise list of the available functions and their systax. I have looked in the User guide and this does not seem to cover the basic C functions

No, there isn’t - but it would be quite a useful thing to have, wouldn’t it?

The standard ‘C’ functions work as defined in the ‘C’ standard.

The list of these functions is in the section,Basic Features under Standard C function set - there you have the usual suspects like itoa and sprintf

There is also the String Processing Function Set - with some functions more directly targetted at handling the text of AT commands and responses.

Thanks for that but which document is that in? Its not in the “ADL User guide for Open AT” that comes up from M2Mstudio.

It has been in every version of the ADL User Guide that I’ve seen since 3.something - but I wouldn’t put it past Wavecom to have “lost” it in the latest release with M2MStudio… :unamused:

The one I’m specifically looking at at the moment came with the v2.12 SDK - which, I think, was the last to be separate from M2MStudio?

Actually, that’s not quite true. :blush:

In the (early) 3.something days, it was just cross-referenced from the so-called “Basic i [/i]Development Guide” (now discontinued).

:blush: :blush: yes I do have that! Thanks