"Undefined reference" in m2m 1.0.2

I’ve installed m2mstudio 1.0.2, then created a new “OpenAT Project”, imported packeges from “Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.20.exe” and tried to run a simple main program aka “hello world”. But I’m receiving an error during building:

/projet/gsmmi/int/cfo/open-at/OS/OSbuild/libs/adl/gcc/out/adl_defaut_tasks.c undefined reference to `adl_main’ Test line 34 C/C++

I’m pretty new to wavecom solutions, so may be I’ve forgot to do something obvious?

Did you use a Wavecom provided sample, or one of your own?
You can select the provided Hello World sample on the third page of the Open AT project creation wizard…

I guess you miss the adl_main function or the adl_initTasks table mandatory definition in your application :wink:

Yep, you were right, thanks! :slight_smile:

Now I’ve got another problem, a bunch of problems to be correct :slight_smile:
First of all, I’d like to know, if i need the same version of Firmware on both module and m2mstudio? Because I have version R7.1b installed on module, and software packeg comes with R7.3. May be this is the root of all the evil (dunno if there is such phrase in English :slight_smile: ). Because the debugger fails to lunch in “target” mode and I can not see the output of any of the included application examples.

I strongly recomend you to use the same firmware version in M2M studio and on the module. Usually I have some new building warnings, and allways I have had problems with the RTE executions (TRACES, debuging…).

About that, be careful that target debugging requires a JTAG probe…