Unable to execute program (Version mismatch ?)


I have started Open-AT development using the SDK version 3.01. The problem is that whenever i download a embedded program to the module, and issue the command AT+CFUN=1, AT+WOPEN=1 the unit keeps on resetting and the application does not seem to work.

The commands CFUN and WOPEN do not return any error. Even the sample applications like hello world are downloaded successfully but do not execute. The modem just returns OK after a few seconds.

I have checked the AT+WOPEN=2 command and the firmware version is v2.10. Can this be the problem? If yes then how can i updgrade my unit to v3.xx

Pls help.


had the sae problem, when i’have truing to load an application built whith Open AT 3.01 in module with OS 6.55

So what version of OS do u have? u can see that with : ATI3 command