UIM Uninitialized errors

On our MC7354 and MC7455 modems, we occasionally receive UIM uninitialized errors when periodically polling the state of the SIM. The SIM is physically seated ok as a data connection is up, and after a modem or device reset, the SIM can be read again to re-establish the data connection. Are these errors spurious and should be retried, or are the indicative of some other issue? The errors only occur at a few sites.

What is the return of at+cpin?


Which firmware are you using?
Please make sure the SIM slot on devkit is good ?
Could you please share the your log file to me with these commands as below:

For the 7354, we are using version 05.05.58. We have our own hardware, and the customer reports the SIM is seated properly in its slot.

I don’t have direct access to the modem as it is at a remote customer site. Prior to the error, we are able to read the SIM successfully numerous times (we have an hourly poll). The SIM is not PIN locked.

Better isolate if this is hardware issue.