EM7565 UIMS AT command failed to respond


I am using EM7565 with 01.08.04_GENERIC firmware/PRI. My findings are:

  1. when both left and right slots have SIMs, using AT!UIMS command can switch among them successfully (if AUTO-SIM is enabled, firmware/PRI will be automatically switched over as well)

  2. when only one slot has a SIM, after system reboots ModemManager can find and make user of the SIM to setup data session.

  3. However, if using the UIMS AT command to change to the empty slot, then using the command to change back to the slot with a SIM, ModemManager will always report SIM is missing

It seems to me that using the UIMS AT command to switch to an EMPTY slot will make the modem in a state unable to handle further UIMS AT command any more.

Any comments?

Also, the qmicli --uim-get-card-status command will only report status for the currently activated slot, is there a way for me to tell the SIM status in another, un-activated slot?


I’m also using EM7565 with 01.08.04_GENERIC firmware/PRI. But I’ve not seen any issues regarding UIMS AT command like yours. You can use Minicom to test the AT command.

Btw, could you please share with me how to use qmicli, because I don’t know how to enable the QMI interface on EM7565.

You can enable by at! usbcomp command