UART2 problem

I need to create a flow on Uart2 , but when I open the
flow my Developement Kitt reboots , and i do not
know why , because I enabled it , and the code seems to be ok .

Do i need to upgrade my firmware so I could use this uart ?

Thank you

the reboot could indicate a problem with a pointer, or trying to use a flow wich isn’t initialized properly

the compiler gives no warings?
you are compliling your program using the same firmware version as is installed on your module?
you are using the documentation for your firmware?

Apparently not!

How do you expect anyone to answer that if we don’t know what firmware version you have?!

But I’m not aware that there were any specific problems with UART2 in any particular firmware release…

I said the code seems to be ok , not that is ok .

I was just wondering if i needed a firmware upgrade ,
so I can use this UART , not that i don’t know what firmware
I’m using …

Please do not answer , if u aren’t trying to help …

And now , Madouc

most probably the flow ain’t initialized properly


So, on what basis does it “seem” to be OK?

Nobody can advise you on whether you need a firmware upgrade without knowing what firmware you already have!

If you already have firmware that is known to be OK, there would be no point and no benefit in upgrading - would there?!

I’m trying to help - but you are not giving anything useful to go on!

The information you have given is like saying, “my car doesn’t work - what’s wrong with it?”

You need to provide adequate information before anyone can even start to suggest a diagnosis!

Remember: nobody on the forum knows anything about you or your project other than what you specifically provide in your posts!

So, for a start, can you use UART2 for standard AT commands?

If yes, can you get a simple “Hello, world” application working on UART1?

If yes, can you modify that application to work on UART2?

If yes, proceed from there…

I solved it ,
the UART wasn’t enabled ,
if others read remember to use at+wmfm ;
because the uart’s aren’t enabled by default.
It works for any uart including uart2 and usb.

Thanks for help

UART1 is enabled by default; others (UART2, USB) are disabled by default - as stated in the ADL User Guide.

USB is activated by default from 7.4 firmware. Of course it is advisable to enable it in the program code, just to be sure.

Is there any way for the app to tell whether the USB is actually connected to a host…?

That is a good question. I think the answer is no.

If you have a host application you can implement a ping-like feature between the host and OAT applicaton.