UART2 available on Q2686?



does the Q2686 have an UART2 available and is it supported by the core firmeware / OpenAT?

I read in the WISMO Quik Q2686 Product Technical Specification that “For future applications (e.g. Bluetooth connectivity) an auxiliary serial interface will be available on Q2686 product.”

Is it available now?

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Hi Jan,

The Q2686H hardware definately has UART2. However, it’s listed as ‘Not Available’ in OS6.60 (660_09gg.Q2686H firmware) Major Features section of the Release Notes (dated 24Nov05). Basically, this means it wasn’t yet implemented in the firmware but will be at a future date.

I don’t know when it’s to be available.



Thank you for your answer, Arfy!

That explains the use of future in the Spec. :cry:

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