UART1 WMP100 2V8 to 3V3 transceiver



I want to connect an external module on UART1 port of the WMP100.
This port works at 2V8, and the external module (as many modules) works at 3V3.

I’ve never used transceiver between those 2 levels, and I didn’t find any transceiver working with those two levels.

May someone used one ?



#2 … b0104.html


You can use MAX3000E from maxim. i’ve procured this chip but not yet tried. Once my experiment is over i’ll let you know the result.


Isn’t UART1 (but only UART1) 3V3-capable?

But don’t take my word for it - check the PTS carefully…


:blush: found that out recently as well :stuck_out_tongue: (for the Q2686)


It’s definitely true of the Q26 - but needs checking for the WMP…