UART1 Response

Can I change the responses UART1 to USB? If possible what are the modifications to do in code or header files? I can see the responses in USb, But in UART1 also reflecting same responses. How can I stop the responses. When I’m giving as ADL_AT_UNS at that time only can see the responses in USB. Is it right method to display responses in USB?


In order to send the responses to only USB and not on any other port you need to use the macro ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE in the API adl_atSendResponse.

adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE ( ADL_PORT_USB, ADL_AT_UNS ),"\r\nHello World from Open-AT\r\n");

Please refer to the ADL_User_Guide.pdf for more details on using ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE to send reponses to specific port/on all opened ports.