Trouble at receiving data on UART1 (OpenAT)

  1. I have an application which subscribe UART1 flow (OpenAT, wavecom module - Q2406B).

I’m using CTS signal from module to stop external device to transmit data. When CTS is 0 (LOW), externel device continue data transmit. But often wavecom module settting CTS to 1 (HIGH) and hold it continue. Calling adl_fcmReleaseCredits(Uart, 0xFF) function don’t resetting CTS and module uart buffers (functin adl_fcmGetStatus(Uart, ADL_FCM_WAY_TO_EMBEDDED) return ADL_FCM_RET_BUFFER_NOT_EMPTY). Why?

Help me, please.

  1. Wavecom doc wrote:
    “Maximum size of each data packet to be received by the data handlers depends
    on the flow type … On serial link flows (UART physical & logical based ports): 120 bytes.”

But I’m receiving maximum packet size - 124 bytes (datalength in DataHandler). Why?

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