Transfer ALL from UART1 to UART2

Hi guys!

I’m a beginner in OAT programming and i don’t know how to read data from UART2 from external device and write it ALL to UART1?

I can is bad searched on a site? :frowning:
There is a ready sample of similar code or a close problem?

Many thanks to all in advance.

Use the Flow Control Manager

UART2 is one “Flow”;
UART1 is another “Flow”

You simply copy all data received from the UART2 “Flow” onto the UART1 “Flow”

Has already gone to try.

Thnx :unamused:

i’m trying the same thing on q2686. I have an external device (sensor) and trying to send data to UART2. Unfortunately Uart2dataHandler does not respond in data sending.
I used the code that is posted in (*+data+stop#p8827).
Does anyone know what’s wrong??