dual serial flow for UART1 and UART2


According to the wavecom Open AT Basic Development Guide (revision 011 dated May 2005; page 57), there cannot be simultaneous serial flows. My interpretation of this is: one cannot be subscribed to both UARTs for sending/receiving data.

However, after reading numerous posts here, this is clearly not the case. Is my documentations too old, or am I not understanding something?

I would like to keep using UART1 for AT commands, and UART2 for forwarding internal application’s TCP/IP data to a hyperterm that writes it to file.

Is this possible?

Thanks guys,


Hi wavelet,

Yes, it is possible. I have been using UART 1 in AT mode and UART 2 in data mode with OpenAT version > 3.02 with a Q2406B. It does work!

I think UART 2 was altogether impossible with OpenAT versions < 3.x …

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Hi jan,

Yes i have it working very well.