Toolchain for AR7(Legato 15.10)

Hi there

I can’t find any link to download toolchains for AR7 chip and the firmware/driver of AR7. Can anyone send me a link?



So sad nobody answer this question!!!
OK. I found a way to get this toolchain for Legato 15.10 Ar7. Download Legato build distribution from this link: … 02.tar.bz2

build it and it will generate y17-ext in build_bin/tmp/deploy/sdk/*

Then you just need to install it under /opt/swi.

BTW, the latest legato framework has some issues to build. It will set y16-ext as AR7 toolchain. But it will get a link error like some libsd.a not found. Surprisingly nobody reported this issue at all.

Now I have a new issue. My app log will not show any more from logread. How can I see it?

The Legato Dist Source you have downloaded is ONLY for AirPrime WP8548 module, not for AR755x modules.

AR755x is using a different toolchain (built from Yocto 1.6.2).

Please contact directly Sierra Wireless to obtain support on AR755x.