Time to free deleted memory with adl_adRecompact


How long should it take to free deleted memory using the adl_adRecompact function?
I am experiencing times of between 16seconds to almost 60seconds to release deleted memory on the Q2686, which I find too long. It doesn’t seem to matter if its only a few bytes of data.


For deleting & freeing the memory after recompact does not depend on how much mem u deleted it depends on wat partition u have of AD and how much memory is on data side . So u can see ur data part by issuing command at+wopen=6 , and see it .



Thanks Soni,

It does seem to be the size of the data partition of AD storage which affects the time to recompact.
But why does it take so long??



Probably because it’s Flash - and it just takes a “long” time to erase Flash