TCP stack and GPRS suspension problem



I’m developping an application that creates a TCP client to exchange data with a socket server and that ables to receive voice call (just to get calling number not to establish voice communication) et hang up when it received one.

With my personal GSM, I try to call my dev board when the modem is exchanging data with the socket server:
-With my first french operator, all is ok (GPRS connexion is suspended during call reception).
-But with my second french operator I fall into the answering machine !

I’m using q2686h modem which is class B (at+cgclass? returns me “B”).

Have you ever encountered such a problem ? … and find the solution :slight_smile: ?



sounds like it has got something to do with the network settings and nothing with the module?


I think too…

Is there any at command in relation with the network settings ?
I read the at command guide by I could found nothing…

I contact the french operator but they don’t known !