TCP Server on Q26 with dual bearers


Have a client with a FXT009 (Q26) with an ethernet IESM card. They want to run a TCP server on the module, but only listen to the Ethernet bearer.

I can open the ethernet and GPRS bearers OK, but how do I bind a TCP server ONLY to the Ethernet bearer.

The API for opening a TCP Server is as follows:

wip_channel_t wip_TCPServerCreate ( u16 port,
wip_eventHandler_f spawnedHandler,
void *ctx );

which gives the option for the port to listen on, but not the bearer/network interface.

Is this possible? What have I missed?

The client does not want the TCP server to listen on the GPRS (public) network interface…

ciao, Dave


I tried with 2 bearers and my tcp socket also listens to both… i could not find any option to bind it to a specific bearer… :frowning: checking what else can be done…