TAGs in portal

I am having issues creating tags for devices on the web platform. It seems that the option is not available. Is this a company profile issue that needs to be enabled or is there a setting that needs to be set to be able to create and assign TAGs ???

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Hi Ian, to create Tag. Navigate to a the page Device > Details

Hi Didier

The problem was we couldn’t work how to get data into the Tags / Value boxes

There is a trick we were both missing - After typing something into the Category or the Value boxes it’s essential to hit the return key

Is this expected behaviour? - I’m using Chrome Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)



If you are creating a new Tag/Value, you have to type the input value and then click the “Set to” in the drop down box.

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Hi David

Good point - clicking “Set to” or using the return key both work.

For some reason three of us didn’t guess that we had to click the “Set to” which is odd. It seems obvious now but it wasn’t when we didn’t know what to do - a very Wavecom user experience :slight_smile:

Maybe the Green arrow and “Click here” need to be added to the GUI :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Sorry but none of these seemed very intuitive and we failed to make them work for lack of understanding the UI and UX functionality.

Thanks for the explanation


Hi Ian, What is your Octave Account?

Hi David,

I am withLinkwave_technologies.

Hi John, I have provided the feedback to the team.
thanks !

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Hi John, this issue has been captured as a bug, our Octave team will fix it as soon as they can.
Thanks for reaching out !

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