System information and data usage on AirVantage


I wonder why some data don’t appear on the system info page on AirVantage.

Screenshot example :

The IP address is missing.

To get it I have to go on the timeline and check on the MSCI datas, this way :

I have plenty modems (LS300 and RV50) and some of them have the IP address on the info page. But again, the IP address of the info page doesn’t match with the one on the MSCI data (MSCI data is always the good one). It seems that the info page is not refreshed enough to always have the good information (The refresh button does nothing on it).

Is there a way to keep those information up to date ?

Another question :
Is there a way to get every request sent and retrieved by a modem ? Since few weeks I have some weird data consumption on my modems (overconsumption, around 1 Mo instead of few ko per day so I’d like to check the data traffic)

If you need more details, let me know.


Up !

Has anyone offered a solution for this issue? I am having the same problem and there seems to be no documentation anywhere covering this. When you try to look in the support section they only offer to “Sell” more services that don’t seem relevant.

Thank You