Modify AirVantage Dashboard

This might be the wrong place to ask, but…

We’re considering moving from OnBoard Mobile Gateways to GX450s. Is there a way to have AirVantage display, in tabular form, various “sensors”, including input voltage? Voltage is a big issue in our fleet (mostly because our crews fail to plug the trucks into shore power), and we’ve found that being able to view both current voltages and voltage histories is very helpful with troubleshooting.


Voltage is currently not available in the main view of AirVantage. For now you can create a report for voltage and export the data.

That’s what I’ve been doing, but I have to do that for each device separately (unless I’m missing something). Hopefully, now that SierraWireless has acquired InMotion Technologies, they’ll incorporate some of IMT’s OnBoard Mobility Manager features (like the dashboard that shows key status information for all devices).

Thanks for the reply!