System.gps accuracy

Is there a way to retrieve the horizontal standard deviation (Estimated Position Uncertainty) or GPS Accuracy from the ALEOS API ? This value is accessible from Acemanager > Status > Location.

Hi @mjohnston,
Currently, there is no API supports to retrieve the horizontal standard deviation (Estimated Position Uncertainty). Below is the article provides instruction on how to use the GPS services of ALEOS AF. You can refer it for more reference
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If it is not possible to query this value from the API, is there a method to query/process the raw GPS NMEA data in ALEOS Lua ? If this is not possible, can you add the ability to the ALEOS API to query the horizontal standard deviation and/or HDOP and/or VDOP as a feature request?

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Hi @mjohnston,
You can contact the sierra wireless technical support team for more information