Position accuracy in GPS

I am reading location from GPS module. But every time, i am getting different location. I are getting information about

  1. latitude and longitude
  2. Time
  3. Horizontal Estimated Positional Error
  4. Heading
  5. vertical speed
  6. horizonatl speed
  7. Altitude
  8. Location uncertainty angle
  9. Standard deviation of axis along
  10. Standard deviation of axis perpendicular to

Based on above information. How can i fix to nearest location with minimum error? Is there any method or logic to get nearby location?

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Sukhdeep Singh


According to the GPS specs, the GPS position accuracy for civilian receivers is 7.5m at a 95% confidence interval. See here and here for a few notes on this.

To get better than this, you’re going to have to either combine your GPS info with some external position info (aka AGPS or DGPS), or do some time/space averaging of your GPS lat/lon/alt values yourself - and probably looking at the position uncertainty info to weight each ‘fix’.

It’s a common misconception that GPS receivers will give you ‘accurate’ positioning on their own. If your receiver is stationary and you plot your fixes over time, you’ll see that you get a little ‘cloud’ of points, not all on top of one another.

Hope this helps.

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How can i do time/space averaging? I have no idea, how can do it to get good accurate position?