syslogd restarting issue

I am porting legato framework on IMX6. I am getting following error while restarting syslogd with “/sbin/syslogd -C2000” command.

/sbin/syslogd: invalid option -- 'C' usage: syslogd [-drvh] [-l hostlist] [-m markinterval] [-n] [-p path] [-s domainlist] [-f conffile]

I checked with MangoH board, it seems the syslogd was built with busybox and it is accepting -C option.

syslogd -> /bin/busybox.nosuid

Can you help to understand the purpose of “-C2000” option in “/sbin/syslogd -C2000” command. In rootfs of IMX6 the syslogd was not built with busybox. Is there any alternate option for syslogd for the same purpose served by -C option.

Hi ravik,

I see this post is a few weeks old and perhaps you have solved this already, but for the record,

yes, we use the busybox syslogd and the meaning of the -C option is to specify the size of the circular RAM buffer in kB so in our case the size of the RAM buffer is set to 2000kB or 2MB. Obviously this is somewhat arbitrary and not a requirement of the framework.