Problem "SysRq : Emergency Sync"

Hi all,

I have rebuilt a Yocto Image following the instructions of the document “Legato 14.07 Beta - Getting Started”. Next, I have flashed the resulting kernel and rootfs to my EVK. Now, when I power my board on, it seems to boot normally, i.e. show me the text “swi-mdm9x15 login:”. However, 3 seconds after showing the login output, it resets over and over. These are the output traces that it prints before rebooting:

Does anyone know what is happening?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry about the delay in responding. We’ve been pushing to finish up our 14.10 release. There have been some large-scale changes on the Linux side since the version of code you are working with. I think the best thing would be for you to move to using 14.10 which has a lot of kernel fixes and updates to our Yocto environment (moves to 1.6.1).

Hopefully that will resolve your problem.