Swiflash parallel downloads


I’m trying to flash simultaneous processors in parallel. Instructions specify up to 12 simulations downloads are supported and am having trouble making it work. What’s the correct syntax?

So far this works ok for single download
swiflash -m "wp76xx" -r -p <PORT>

and this doesn’t
swiflash -m "wp76xx" -r -p <PORT1> -p <PORT2>

Running multiple instances with a different port is not allowed it seems and my guess is multiple ports should be defined on a single swiflash instance.


So looks generically like you are on the right path. What is not working and what responses are you getting out of the tool? Also are you making sure you are specifying the DM port for each device i.e. so for a system with no /dev/ttyUSB ports other than WP’s, this would be /dev/ttyUSB0. /dev/ttyUSB3, /dev/ttyUSB6, etc.