Suggestion: Give descriptive name to Windows driver download

When you go to and download the Windows driver for WP modules, you get a file named GenericDriverSetup.exe. This is a nearly useless filename. What I would like to see in the filename:

[]Product family[/]
[]What it is[/]
[]Release identifier[/]

Specifically, something like this would be a huge improvement: Sierra_Wireless-WP_Module_Drivers-Build_4762.exe


Thanks for your suggestion. we will take it up.
But to make customer clear, we have provided such names. however the web page gives the complete information about the driver.

Thanks and Regards,

The webpage provides information about the file so it’s clear what it is at the instant that you download it. The problem is more that a week later when you look at your Downloads folder, you will have no idea what “GenericDriverSetup.exe” is. Is it video card drivers? Drivers for a modem from a different vendor? etc.

Or maybe you need to install on a new computer and you’re wondering if you have the latest version of the driver. It’s difficult to know because the filename doesn’t indicate the version.