Suggested Antenna Suppliers

Hi All,

I am looking for OEM GSM / 3G antenna suppliers to suit the FASTRACK Xtend series.

What suppliers can you suggest.


Dear Joseph,

I am an antenna supplier. What kind of antenna are you looking for?


Hi, I have very good results with the pcb antenna Siretta ANTA2010G0000AQ1 for quad band and gprs/edge applications. Maybe youcan take a look i their web site. Hope to be helpful!

PCB antennas - see also:

Thanks, I went to that website, but there’s no indication that PCB antennas can be connected to Sierra Wireless devices. I’m currently looking for a very strong antenna for GL6110 for a site with very weak signal - or Xtend if I can’t find one for GL6110. Any thoughts on what I should look at? Will appreciate any tip. :slight_smile: