Sierra Wireless 10-in-1 Antenna (6001355) split tube threaded mounting

I am trying to mount the Sierra Wireless 10-in-1 Antenna (6001355) on an expedition truck. The supplied split threaded tube mounting is too short for the thickness of the outer skin plus insulation plus interior skin.


  1. Are longer versions of this part available (I really need something 50mm longer than standard)?
  2. If not, are you able to provide specifications for the split tube threaded mounting so that I can get a longer version manufactured? In particular:
  • Internal thread size / pitch (e.g. metric / UNC / UNF - coarse / fine)
  • External thread size / pitch (e.g. metric / UNC / UNF - coarse / fine)

Hi @sierrawireless6,

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Information about the types of antennas is provided at the following link, each antenna has a corresponding datasheet. Please refer to it to see if it helps you.