Stuck trying to do the USP Parser demo

I’m trying to follow the documentation for the USP example here:

My FX30S is online, green/amber LED.
In Octave, I created a USP service on UART1, and configured it according to the example.
I am playing the string ‘PAYLOADX’ into the serial port at 115200, 8N1
Now I am stuck at creating an observation, because the resource /usp/value does not appear on the list of resources.

Hi Murray,

Per my email, the USP Services editor seems to have a bug and creates the incorrect JSON config file for resource usp/config. You will have to hand edit the resource usp/config file as described in Universal Serial Parser (USP) Guide.

Your usp/config json file will be:

“frame_timeout”: 2,
“framing”: {
“delimiter”: [
“string”: false,
“uart”: “UART1”

fyi, the USP Services UI will also configure resource /io/config… This json config is correctly configured by the Services UI, so no need to make changes to this resource.

I have created a ticket to engineering to correct the USP Services UI.

Sorry for the delay this caused you.

This bug has been corrected in the Octave UI

This was more than a bug fix. Now it works differently:

Instead of creating a resource named /usp/value, it now creates /usp/UART1/value.

I think that’s better. The documentation should now be revised to match.

Hello Murray,
Thanks for the feedback, I will enter a ticket to Engineering to update the docs