Strange Error on SL6087


I have received a strange message on SL6087.

SPV;1;Unknown cell for delete 0x67

Also, I got one more error message as

17:44:50:237 - 001;RTK;1;Except RTK …155 1ea07b2 24

That is whiles send data on TCP port using API


where, Sock Handl is of wip_channel_t type a global variable used to hold return value of wip_TCPClientCreate().

And, IP_prodInfo is static structure.

Please, let me know what does it mean.

I have been using Sl6087 Firmware Package R7.47.0


The definition for RTK exception 155 is:

#define RTK_EXCPT_RELEASE_OUT_OF_HEAP 155 //<Bloc address not in the given heap

But what may be the possible reason, why it is trying to release the memory which is a static structure being passed to [i]


How do you know that it was wip_write causing the exception? We have had a case where we though it was wip_write and spent days trying to work out why, but it turned out that it was code before or after wip_write that was causing the problem. Check all around your code for possible cases where you are accessing invalid memory or trying to free memory you haven’t allocated. Also, are you using more than 1 task?

In application no where the dynamic memory has been used, so no where it is required to free the memory in application. Every where pre-allocated buffers has been used and same has been passed to wip_write. So there no point in saying that application code is trying to free a non allocated memory.

I have been using same set to code from last one year and have never seen this issue.

Any I will review my code as suggested.