Storing sent SMS

I’m using adl_smsSend with success, but i don’t understand how to store (or not to store) sent messages in SIM or flash memory.
Currently they appear not to be stored, cause if i manually execute AT+CPMS or AT+CMGL i get nothing.
The handler for received messages allows a return value to decide wether to store them, but the handler for sent messages must return void…


When subscribing to the SMS service try to use adl_smsSubscribeExt() API, and in the handler try to return the value ADL_SMS_FILTER_INDICATION_AND_DELETE .

That’s only for the received SMS handle. The sent SMS handler must return void, or you get a warning

Why do you want to store them?

Same reason for billions of mobile phones worldwide store them. Keep a log on the SIM that can be read by any device


OK, so one has to directly execute the AT command.
It’s weird that ADL can handle autostoring of received messages, but not sent ones