Delete received sms

i have a problem with received sms. After the sms is received it is saved to the sim memory so i am able to receive around 50 messages and then the sim memory is filled and i can’t receive any more messages. How can i delete the received sms, after i process it?

Hi sergiulungu,
You can use AT+CMGD to delete SMS (read AT command Interface Guide for more detail). Another way, you can use AT + CNMI (New message indication) to config that message will be send out to the serial port without saving in the sim memory.

If you use the ADL SMS Service, and don’t forward the messages, they do not get stored to the SIM - so the problem doesn’t arise! 8)

See the ADL User Guide for further details…

Indeed i didn’t read careful enough the adl user guide , my sms handler was returning true so the message was saved, i set to return false and now this is ok