Hello all,

So far I’ve found this forum extremely helpful but I’ve come up against a wall. I’m tasked with writing the next version of our code that talks via SSL using Open AT.

I’m still a relative newbie and haven’t found any documentation or tutorials for sending data over SSL. Are there any out there?

I might be totally missing the boat here, but I think there ought to be. Though I’m not completely keen on writing my own SSL protocol.

Any help would just save my life!

Thanks in advanced.


I would take a look at OpenSSL… Looking at the source of an implementation might give you the idea what you need to do… Maybe even some code that you could re-use…

The license maybe is also acceptable for you (for more detailed information check the web site…):

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I heard that Wavecom would provide some open AT Plug in based on OPen SSL implementation in the coming months… to be followed!

I heard the same thing. Anybody have any more info on when the Open AT plugin based off Open SSL might be available?

There’s no need to mention how big this is gonna be for a lot of applications :slight_smile:

More and more precise!!! it seems they have an alpha version of SSL available for test I’ll try to get it!! keep you posted…

Any news about the SSL on open AT??