[SOLVED]Pop-up documentation for API headers???


I just recently switched over to M2M Studio from Visual Studio 2008. One of the prime reasons for me to use Visual Studio instead of eclipse back when i started coding with OpenAT, was that VS has popup (tooltip?) documentation for all functions when you begin typing them. Example: You type adl_tmrSubscribe( and VS pops up with the complete header for that function so you know what parameters to supply.

This is not how it works in M2M where this documentation first pops up after i’ve filled out all the missing parameters! This is completely stupid as i need the documentation before i fill in the parameters!

Is there a way to enable this or do i have to live with using a less productive environment in the future as this will clearly make VS the better tool than M2M Studio.


hit -
does the trick for me


Thanks, thats exactly what i need! Now if it would just work for wm_ functions also :wink:


include the proper .h file and manually rebuild the index (as it doesn’t seem to get the changes automagically somehow)
(wm_ functions work over here)


But i have included the wm_stdio.h file. I guess it’s this that causes the problem:

#define wm_strcpy      strcpy
#define wm_strncpy    strncpy
#define wm_strlen      strlen