How is one supposed to browse the samples?

In the old days, one could simple browse the ADL\Samples folder, look at the HTML descriptions of the projects, and, if reqired, open the source files in an editor.

That’s not really an option in M2MStudio, as it buries them deep in its arcane folder structure - see: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3772&p=16968&hilit=obvious+location#p16968

So what is one supposed to do when one just wants to browse the available samples, looking at the descriptions, and possibly opening some source files without actually creating a new Project :question:

extract the full installer you download from the product pages.
then you have a ‘normal’ directory structure :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s been mentioned before!

But, again, that’s really just an admission that this is broken and does not meet the developer’s needs! :angry:

With M2M Studio I work with two workspaces, one for samples and another one for my application. In the sample workspace I use the wizard for generate the samples that I’m interested in, I browse the code, and .html, etc.

I think it’s the better way.

Sometimes I wonder if I have made my best decission with this product, are you guys experienced in other products???

In a couple of weeks I will test Advantech VITA-350P ( and TREK-743R (, both uses WindowsCE/Embeded XP.

I’m currently developing a multi-device AVL software, it will run on Fastrack, a custom made AVL based on Q2687 engine and those Advantech devices, the software it’s dessigned for running on “any” device that supoprts C++.

But how do you know which ones are going to be of interest before you’ve gone through the process of generating a “dummy” project for it?!
That’s my point

Yes, it could be a good way - if Wavecom provided a “ready loaded” Workspace (or a tool to create it) so that you didn’t have to go through manually creating all those projects!

Open-AT is in a totally different league to Win-CE/XP :exclamation: :open_mouth:

Open-AT is for very much smaller embedded applications - in the more “traditional” understanding of “embedded” - ie, before the PCs started invading :wink:

If Win-CE/XP is really the type of space you’re working in, then Open-AT is almost certainly not the right solution for you!
In that kind of space, you really only need a “dumb” modem - you have plenty of power to do waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than is possible in an embedded Open-AT app.

Check, “/m2mstudio/dropins/com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.lib.os.model.”, there’s a list with all the samples. Once again the location of the file is not the best option. They need to provide some friendly tools, I figure that they’re working on it… little things like that can make a disaster of a good product.

I agree. I’m an IT engineer, and I’m fighting with tools like that for many years, but my collegues at the electronic departament are getting crazy with this…

I know, but we need a ‘b’ plan if Wavecom fails (software/hardware or cost), and some of our clients demand us some ‘extra’ functionallity that we cannot achive with Wavecom, a display to store data, and things like that, our goal is to keep the same AVL software ‘core’ that can be run in different platforms. That’s why we are mixing platforms.

It’s our choice for those small embbedd applications, for example in simple AVL vehicle tracking, or in our parking systems, where is critical the power consumption.

It’s just one of the scenarios in which we work. The idea is to keep the same core functionallity running on different machines.


they’ve improved a little in the latest installer (LightInstaller)…
now you can choose the location where to install what.
and they provide a separate location to install the embedded software!
it still get’s the long dir-name and within the /resources directory, but now at-least you have a hint where to look for it

Just want to add two things:

  • Samples HTML documentation is available in the documentation of a given package (just click the (?) icon in the package manager, the project creation wizard or the project property page to invoke it). It avoids you browsing the directory structure to find the HTML files.
  • In addition to completely rework the Target Management system, the next 1.2.0 release also plans to completely rework the project creation wizard, since we are aware that sample selection is clearly not perfect today.


Yes, you’re right, also, from “M2M Studio”, under “Help” menu, in “Help Contents” / “Open At Plug-ins documentation”, for each plug-in there’s an access to the plug-in HTML help page with information about the samples.

I think awneil, just wonder how to browse the code without creating a dummy project. I do prefer to work with a dummy project, but it’s not a bad thing to add the structure of the code to the HTML sample page, and a link to the files. Those pages describe the functionallity of the samples, and it’s good, but maybe it would be a good idea to add more technical details.

That’s still a bit cumbersome as you have select one sample, click the icon, then select another, and click its icon, etc…

What’s really needed is a summary that gives a brief overview of all the samples, with links to the individual samples for further info.

TBH, I’m not sure that was possible with the “old” SDK scheme - but it would definitely make the samples a lot more usable.

Example: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4419&p=17722#p17722