Software exemple.

Have anybody an exemple of battery charger in openAT software?

Look at the Application Notes

Yes, I look there but I couldn’t find anything. I’m trying to undestand, how can I program battery managment by using open AT libraryies, but I have some erros.


Yes, I know - but you haven’t answered my question yet: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=4470&p=17997#p17998

There’s no point going off on a tangent before you know what the actual problem is!

There is no spedific API for battery charging; so you just have to use AT Commands. :angry:
See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3595

If you have +CME ERRORS, then those are responses to the AT Commands; they have nothing specifically to do with Open-AT or ADL - you would get exactly the same response if you entered the same command manually at the same point;

If you have error results in the API return codes, then the code tells you what the error is - and it probably has nothing to do with the spedific AT command.

The AT Commands User Guidelines document has a whole chapter describing the charging process - including an example of using the AT Commands, and interpreting the Responses.

Reference: WM_ASW_OAT_UGD_015
Revision: 001
Date: 4 Jan 2005

The document is listed right at the bottom of the Application Notes page as “AT implementation of GPRS, PLMN, AEC, Battery & USSD”.


Just to make it obvious: There is NO API for battery management - you have to write your own state machine routine to manage battery states, and use the AT commands referred to by awneil to control the battery charger sub-system.

Once you do that, it all works reasonably well…

ciao, Dave

Alternatively, just use an external battery charger…