SNMP v2/v3 Service

We are looking to use the FX30 with OCTAVE to query data from devices talking SNMP v2/v3. Are there any services for this? By default, it seems there is no SNMP service. Any thoughts or pointers?

Hi chrismkelley,

Currently, there isn’t any information about SNMP in Octave device.

Would you like to take a look at ALEOS products such as RV50/50x, RV55? These products support both SNMP v2 & v3.


To me, it makes little sense to go down the path of ALEOS merely to be able to talk to a device over SNMP. Adding a SNMP driver “should” be trivial.

Hi Chris,

Currently, Octave does not support SNMP communication to an external cloud. Octave supports HTTP REST webhooks and websockets to push data to external cloud platforms. Data may also be queried for a external platform using webhooks.

See High-Level Data Flow

I think there is a misunderstanding. SNMP has nothing to do with cloud connections. A device can talk SNMP, Modbus/TCP, and hundreds of other protocols. SNMP is one of, if not the most, prevalent device communications protocols on an IP network in existence.