smsSend while roaming

I have Q2686s runing, sending and recieving SMSs no problem on the vodafone NZ network. A new company, 2Degrees, operates using vodafones network and +CREG? gives 0,5 (roaming). GPRS etc all work OK but sending SMS with smsSend appearently sends OK but the SMS body is not in the sent text at the recieving phone end.
Has anyone else noticed this, and is there a solution?
Using 2Degrees SIM with GR64 and AT SMS commands there is no problem

What do you mean by “apparently” here?

You do check both the return value form smsSend and the status event, don’t you?

Do you have the correct Service Centre number?

Text or PDU mode?

What if you use a mobile phone?

Yes I get the 2 SMS sent events;

I don’t check the return :blush:

sending in Text mode
Sends fine from a phone

Does that indicate an error?

This comes with sucessful send and supplies send Refernece value

I have some error when I try to send sms from modem. I have some error number: 305, 50
Can you tell me about that error number?