Problem with SMS in Q2686 OS6.6x

If I send a SMS with text “OK” (f.e.: “OKAMZITE”)on begin of the SMS, modem return null pointer on the SMS text.
Did you tested it ?



that’s hard to believe. Would you show us your code?

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It really depends on how you handle the responses from AT+CMGR or whatever method you use.
As the SMS text and the terminal responses are both send as RESPONSE instead of INTERMEDIATE for the SMS text and RESPONSE for terminal response only, this is not that hard to believe.
It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wavecom’s ADL SMS service can’t handle OK or ERROR or other terminal responses in the beginning of an SMS.

The problem is present only if API function is used.
With CGMR SMS receiving is OK.


Have you investigates Tobias’s suspicion that ADL is seeing the “OK” at the start of your message as an AT response?

If so, do you get the same behaviour if your message begins with “ERROR…”, etc?

Does the problem go away if you ensure that your message never begins with “OK…” or “ERROR…” or any other standard AT response…?

I suggest you contact Wavecom with this.

When I first discovered the problem that the SMS text is not sent as an intermediate response, I wrote to them and pointed out that I need to have special code to determine when the actual terminal response is received, and they just recommended the ADL SMS Service.
Since we need to be able to read SMS from the SIM or internal storage and not only when SMS are received, we didn’t even try the adl service.

And now it sounds like they themselves have the same problem that I had to write a workaround for in the service… I don’t have time to verify the problem myself, but it would be really nice if wavecom could fix this… Both in the service and make a way to better distinguish between SMS text and terminal response.

I suggest you use the PDU mode (AT+CMGF=0):

  1. You won’t get any OK or ERROR in the message.
  2. You can parse 7-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit encodings correctly.
  3. You can correctly skip the User Data, a thing that doesn’t work right in Text mode (at least with OpenAT 3.x). This happens with long SMSs, or with SMSs sent from Java applications.
  4. Writing the decoder is a big fun for a week :laughing:


When SMS is not start with “OK” string, all is running.
Try it and you will see… (I hope :confused: )


Did you also try it with the other standard strings - like “ERROR”, etc?

No, we did own function for SMS handling.

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