Bad pointer when receiving SMS in text mode


I have a problem that occurs sometime when receiving an SMS through the ADL SMS service using the text mode.

The problem is that sometimes the pointers to smsTel, smsTimeLength and smsText are all null.

// Subscribe to the SMS Handler
SMSHandle = adl_smsSubscribe((adl_smsHdlr_f)SMSHandler, SMSCtrlHandler, ADL_SMS_MODE_TEXT);

bool SMSHandler(char *smsTel, char *smsTimeLength, char *smsText)
	char outstr[160] = "\0";		
	// Delete the incoming message from SIM-Card
	adl_atCmdCreate("at+cmgd=1,4", FALSE, NULL, NULL);

	wm_sprintf(outstr, "SMS received from %s @ %s", smsTel, smsTimeLength);

   return false;

Sometimes the above three parameters all point to address 0x00, and when this happens, Open AT will crash when returning from
the above function.

I’ve searched the forum and found another thread where something similar seems to be happening:

However, i have no problem when sending OK or OK.
EDIT (17-11-09 07:59): I meant when receiving OK or OK, not sending.

I use FW 7.3 on a Q2687h module.

But what about if the received message begins with OK… ?

That was the point in the thread you cited…

Oups, sorry, my mistake :blush: I meant when receiving OK, not sending.