SMS sender number gets decoded to unexpected number


I have been using cm sms monitor to monitor incoming sms messages on mangoh, I used a US skype number to send a text message first, but the sender number becomes a french number(as you can see in the screenshot 1); afterwards, I used another canadian cell number to send text message, the sender number somehow got decoded to the same french number again(screenshot 2).

Note: I’m using a sierrawireless sim card.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

(screenshot 1)

(screenshot 2)


So what might be happening is that the number you will be sending to will be a French number (as all Sierra SIM’s have French numbers) and Skype may well recognising this and subsequently using a local French breakout to actually deliver the SMS’s beyond its system and it is this number you are seeing rather than your actual Skype number.

That’s what I think anyway for what its worth.



Hi Mat,

Thank you for replying. so is it possible to get the original sender number from sierrawireless side? because I’m working on a text transmission app in which the mangoh will automatically send a text back to the sender, but this decoded sender number apparently prevent me from doing that.



Assuming what I have said is what is happening then the unit is reliant on what is delivered to it, as is the network. If Skype is using a local breakout then it is Skype who are masking the phone number and there is no way for us to get it. If you texted the unit from your normal phone I would fully expect you to see the senders number as you would with any other normal SMS being sent, I did this and it came up correctly.

In this case, the way you are testing, with Skype, is the issue.


Hi Mat,

Just wondering does Mangoh wp7702 support normal cell sim card for data and text services?



Yes you can use any SIM card with all of our devices, none are network locked although if you are using Octave you do need to use our connectivity.