SMS Port number

Mr. DrLan trouble code is
And I could not use it

Why not :question:

Well if you can help me or give me sample

DrLan has already helped you by giving a sample.

If you can’t even give a clear description of what you think is wrong with that sample, what is the chance of you getting any further with any other sample?

Nobody can “help” you when you can’t say what the problem is with which you need “help”!!

When I use the code I DrLan
Function output smsSend_Handle = adl_smsSend (SMS_Handle, NULL, out, ADL_SMS_MODE_PDU);
= -2
What does this mean

RTFM - ADL Return Codes are documented in the ADL User Guide.

Dear Friend
My problem is that I DrLan code
Can you please advise and I’m grateful