SMS location report


Tried to find my answer here on the forum, but to no avail.

I came as far as having my MP70 answer my SMS that reads &&&status that provides me my IP and some other information. It contains also the LON and LAT values that I can use to get the location of the MP70 with some manual rewriting (Adding N in stead of + and E in stead of +). As per the documentation of the version I use (ALEOS 4.8.0, page 504) I would be capable of sending only the prefix code &&& to get back a clickable URL that would open a Google maps location. This does however not generate an answer back by SMS.

Am I missing a setting somewhere in the location reporting settings ? If I use the ‘map’ link that is visible in the ALEOS WebInterface its works fine and shows me the location in a web browser, by SMS it does not work however. With is strange, as other &&& commands seem to work fine.

Thanks in advance !


The following command will provide the latitude and longitude as well as a link to Google maps.

PW 12345 &&&GPS