SMS from RV50 wrong characters and messages truncated


We are using RV50 modems to send SMS for our project.

ALEOS version 4.9.0.
We used AT commands to send SMS through the serial port.

When we send some characters like “@” or “$” they are changed in “¡” and “¤”.
I think this is an encoding problem UTF-8 vs GSM 03.38 but I don’t know how to solve the problem.
We try to use AT command SMSM2M and SMSM2M_8.

Some message are also cut buy the modem if I send the message “TOKYO” I only receive “TOK”.
If I send the same SMS to a phone no problem.

Thank you in advance if you have any informations.

Updating the ALEOS from 4.9.0 to 4.13.0 and updating the radio firmware solve the encoding problem.

I am not sure about the following part I am waiting for an answer from my Sierra Wireless supplier.
For the truncated messages.
It seems that the RV 50 has problem when the characters “OK” are in the AT Commands.
The RV50 consider it reach the end of the AT commands when it encounter “OK” instead of .

Hi breton,

About the “OK” issue, it’s actually a bug and it was reported to Sierra. All we can do now is waiting for the fix in next firmware.


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