Sms and reconnections on MC8305 -Fujitsu

Dear experts,
I recently bought a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop with Windows 10.
It includes a PCIe HSDPA 3G Module Sierra wireless MC8305.

This works flawlessly with the windows WAN drivers. I can connect, use the mobile data and disconnect correctly but I have a few problems connected probably with Windows flaws:

a) I cannot find any way of accessing the SMS (text messages) sent to the SIM while it is on the MC8305. There are more and more sites asking for sms security confirmation and to read the sms message I have to phisically remove the sim, place it in a normal phone, receive the sms and them place it back on the modem. This is cumbersone to say the least.
I cannot find any simple freeware or program developed from Sierra to access the SMS on the modem itself wihout placing the sim on a phone
(for example the AirWatcher installs correct but cannot detect the MC8305!).

b) Connected to the earlier problem, when I remove the SIM from the MC8305, Windows does seem to switch the 8305 off. In fact when I put the sim back it always tells me ‘insert sim card’. Is there any way or command I can sned (even AT commands) to ‘restart the 8305’ ?
The only solution I have when placing back the sim is to restart Windows (and then it reopens the 8305 and redetects correctly the SIM), but again is not convinient at all!