SL9090: some questions


Hello everyone!

Excuse me, I have some questions:

Could somebody confirm if I really can use this module as “all in one”:

  1. in Canada in HSPA+ mode (Telus, Bell, Rogers)
  2. in USA in CDMA mode (Verizon )
  3. in Europe in GPRS/EDGE mode

Need I upload a new firmware for use Sl9090 in another region?
or only some AT commands will be enough?
or I should define country before the buying?

The idea is to use this module in the equipment that can be installed in different regions. If SL9090 can work as I dream, I would be very happy man :slight_smile:

Additionally: where I can by 3-5 units for prototyping? When I bought Q2686/Q2687 it was not a problem, but now I don’t see this new SL9090 in online shops. SL9090 module on socket board would be also good way for tests.

Also I have no idea about price of this SL9090. maybe somebody knows this? I mean for prototyping (5 and 10 pcs) and for mass-production (50 pcs to 200 pcs).

Thanks in advance
and with the best regards,



  1. you can use the module in different modes in different countries.module can mount on different modes accordingly.Use AT!SELRAT command to select different access technologies in dieffernt countries.And if the required mode frequency is availbale,it will mount on that.

2.AT!SELRAT and AT!SYSCONFIG command can be used to configure the mode. Please refer to Supported AT command guide for the same.

3&4)For buying and price related info,please contact to your FAE.