[SL808x] Switch to loudspeaker mode

Hey guys,

I’m testing the volume of the speaker on SL808X and trying to change the volume.

Now, I am able to change the volume by using AT+WDGR and I can hear in ear. In the meanwhile, I want to switch to the loudspeaker mode. However, I only saw the AT+CLVL to change the volume of the loudspeaker, but didn’t find info to switch to loudspeaker mode. Then, I can only hear in ear.

Anyone knows if there’s a way to switch between the loudspeaker mode and the regular speaker mode?


There is no such loud speaker mode available…
‘loudspeaker’ in CLVL command description refers the speaker.


Does that means I need to add an amplifier to implement the loudspeaker? Since there is AT+CLVL command, what does it refer?

Thanks for your attention!