Generate a PWM signal to control the buzzer(SL8080)

Hey guys, I’m trying to generate a signal to control the buzzer for a while. I was trying to use the adl_tonePlay() API and adl_melodyPlay() API to play a single tone or melody. However, I didn’t get any signal from the Buzzer Pin (pin15). Also, I was trying to use adl_tonePlay() an the speaker. Actually, I just get a DC voltage from the speaker pin without frequency. I did read the manual that adl support the SL8080 module.

Now I did generated some signals with frequencies by using the timer and GPIO. But the minimum timer interval is 18.5ms. It means I can only get as high as 55Hz signal.

Do anyone know how to generate a signal with near 4KHz to control the Buzzer? Thanks a lot!


have you tried the +WTONE command to play some tone on the buzzer?
I think that’s easier to test to see if the hardware is working.


Unfortunately, the AT+WTONE doesn’t support SL808X modules. Thanks for your attention!

Are you sure that ADL supports the buzzer then?
At least for the SL808xT, adl_audioTonePlay() and adl_audioMelodyPlay() for example, are not supported (from ADL User Guide 6.52, chapter 3.35 ADL Audio Service).

Yeah, you’re right. I checked with the sierra support engineer that the ADL APIs for buzzer is not supported on firmware 7.53 yet. I’m just wondering if it is not support for SL808X or just the firmware.