SL8084T SKUs

I have designed an SL8084T application and am now searching for a distributor. I can see that distributors offer various SKUs for the part. I am currently using 1102454 which works for me, but how should I choose the best SKU? Is there some document that describes the differences?

I would ask the distributor but I have not yet chosen one.



About SL8084T 1102454 SKU:

  • Loaded firmware is R7.52.2.A5 which is already the last official FW available, which is already approved by NTT Docomo in Japan.
  • USB is enable and UART is enable with default 115200 bauds.

Unless that your application is targeting other market (outside of Japan and/or other carrier than NTT Docomo), this SKU is already one of the most recent available and recommended for current deployment.


SL808x Product Line Manager

I’d make that part of the selection process:

Ask all the contenders, and see which gives the most helpful response…